Many of you, who have visited the shop, will have been given a hero’s welcome by our black lab, Izzi. She has been a part of the shop for over a decade, starting at Yew Tree Barn.

At the beginning of March 2020 we had to put her down and added ourselves to the group of people who are working their way through the grief of losing a pet. We have done a lot of commemorative jewellery for people who have lost or are about to lose their pet but didn’t fully appreciate the size of the hole left behind. It’s such a personal experience and not a lot is said about it.

There is a great article in the Guardian which sums up a lot of what we are going through. Izzi’s death has plunged us into black hole which is only now beginning to show signs of lifting. We have just been to the vets to pick up her cremated remains and it brought it all back in an instant.

It’s dismaying to see how the best thing in our lives has been reduced to a cardboard box full of ash. We hope that over time we’ll be able to remember that she taught us a huge amount about being better human beings, and the joy of being part of a pack.

We will always miss you little peanut dog.

Izzi the studio dog

The swamp comet