Silver Clay Workshops

Great freedom & organic shapes!

A fantastic medium that you can pummel, roll, pattern, colour and mould. Endless variety but you have to be quick!

What you’ll do

In this workshop I teach the basics of how to get the best from your silver clay and guide you through designing and making your own piece of handmade jewellery.

All tools and equipment are provided, just bring your imagination!

About the Clay

Silver Clay is a fabulous medium for making jewellery – from the simplest shapes to the most organic and intricate patterns.

It’s a bit like using Fimo but with a time limit.

Silver Clay is part of the metal clay family, and like the name suggests, it is a soft material that can be shaped just like potter’s clay. Composed of silver particles, organic binders and water, silver clay – when fired – is fine silver and can be hallmarked as fine silver (99.9%).

Great for all skill levels, silver clay is instant gratification for jewellers and hobbyists, requiring almost no equipment or jewellery making experience.

Below is a gallery that will give you some idea of what can be created with silver clay.


With Silver Clay you can:

  • roll it
  • knead it
  • beat it
  • stretch it
  • texture it
  • fold it
  • pretty much anything else you can think of

That’s a lot of freedom!

Creating free-form jewellery with lots of texture is one of the great benefits of silver clay. It is capable of holding good detail and is excellent for taking moulds of a wide variety of shapes. You can use buttons, leaves, texture plates and more to get the finish you want. It’s a rewarding experience to watch your piece materialise before your eyes, and you then get to wear it home as a finished piece of fine silver jewellery.