Copyright Guide

We get a lot of requests asking us to replicate work that people have photos of online.

Being a member of ACID, anti-copying, we respect that designers own the copyright to their designs, just like photographers and graphic designers. To copy their work is to infringe their copyright. The exception to this rule is when the owner of the design has been dead for more than 70 years.

We’ve created a handy guide to show what we can’t do:

We cannot reproduce:

not allowed icon Characters or emblems belonging to Disney, Disc World, Game of Thrones
not allowed icon Company logos unless you own or work for the company
not allowed icon Jewellery from photos you’ve found on Pinterest or other websites
not allowed icon Existing jewellery where you don’t own the design
not allowed icon Government department emblems
not allowed icon Institution logos unless express permission has been obtained


I found this picture of a bangle online, can you make me one?

No, but we could make something influenced by it. Why not add your own twist to it? Your own ideas will make it so much more personal to you.

I'd like to replicate a Game of Thrones pendant, can you make one like it?

No, but we could make something along a similar theme.