Privacy Policy

Silver Forge does not, and will not, share your details with any outside companies. We hate spam and privacy violations as much as anyone else and will never pass on email addresses or contact details to outside parties unless expressly asked to do so by you. In most cases, we will put you in touch with those outside suppliers directly.


The site uses Google Analytics to get feedback on how visitors move through the website. This allows us to identify problem content and pages and fix them. No personally identifiable data is used by us nor shared with Google third parties.


If you get in touch with us using the contact form, that information is used solely to make contact with you for clarification when working on estimates and commssions. We do not do a newsletter so will not contact you unless it is pertinent to a jewellery commission or enquiry. If you wish to see what data we hold, please contact jo [a] and request it.

Silver Forge supports your right to be deleted.

Aside from not wanting to snoop on the browsing habits of my visitors, I’d rather be making jewellery and that keeps me busy enough!