Gallery : Student jewellery

The student jewellery gallery shows some of the pieces made on my Art Clay Silver and Sterling Silver workshops.

A lot of my students arrive and declare that they don’t have a creative bone in their bodies.

They then proceed to make the most beautiful jewellery, and get to wear it home at the end of the session. A workshop is usually a surprising event, with mini masterpieces leaving the jewellery course with their happy makers.

I love seeing the sense of accomplishment that my students have when they review the pieces they have made.

People attending my courses are all ages, both men and women, and most are complete beginners. Of course, I do have some seasoned makers who come to brush up on techniques or have some fun trying a new approach. It’s a great atmosphere.


The workshops are for everyone


  • You do not need to know how to draw
  • You do not need previous experience
  • If you need to bring anything, you’ll be advised before the time
  • If a course is specifically for advanced students, it will be clearly stated


Student jewellery workshops:
Learn, Make, Wear – loads of fun and very productive!