Jewellery repair emergency

Even Izzi, our barking laborador, knows that every so often things will need repairing.

Admittedly, most jewellery repairs aren’t as desperate as the Christmas Rooster here but we understand how important your pieces are to you and if they are unwearable, they might as well not exist.

I have repaired many broken jewellery items and resized or altered rings, and will happily advise on what is possible so give me a call or pop in.

Factors affecting jewellery repairs

The things that make jewellery difficult to fix or adjust can be numerous. I’ve created a quick list of considerations here:

  • Unknown metals – not all jewellery is pure silver or pure gold. Plated metals can mean a surprise when the heat goes on so I try to be a certain as I can that a repair piece is the right metal first
  • Stones / Gems (heating) – stones don’t tend to like heat very much. Alterations to a stone-heavy setting can require the use of specialist tools like a laser welder which ensures a good solder using very localised heat. This minimises the chances of the stone getting too hot.
  • Stones (stretching) – stone settings can be disrupted by the stretching process so in some cases might need a piece adding in. As the previous point mentions, specialist welders can be used to add a bit in.
  • Shape – wedding bands are easily seated in a compression sizer, which presses on the entire outer circumference of the ring. If your ring is an unusual shape I might look at other ways to reduce the ring size.

Those are just a few considerations but generally most jewellery can be fixed or altered. There is always an associated cost which depends on the amount of work needed by I can evaluate the situation by examining the piece and give you an idea of time and cost.

~ Jo Dix

PS – The Christmas Rooster is back on his feet and whole, much too Izzi’s delight.