Can you repair my jewellery?

Yes, but it depends…

We’d need to see the piece to determine whether it can be done and is worth doing.


  • Snapped ring shanks
  • Clasps that won’t close
  • Cracks in cuffs
  • Replacement butterflies for earrings

A lot can be done onsite but we also have offsite specialists that we can send particularly tricky repairs to. One of our suppliers can laser weld delicate pieces, particularly useful where stones that don’t like heat are near the crack or break.

Missing stones

Stones can be sourced based on size, type and colour. We don’t cut or shape stones onsite but we do have specialists we can call on.

Doesn’t fit

We all put on weight or lose weight. Sometimes we are gifted or left rings or bracelets that don’t fit.  We can either remove material to reduce ring sizes, or stretch them back out.

Rings with stones in need to be treated with care. In some cases, rings may have a bit of material added in. In almost all cases the repair is invisible.

We stock a wide range of chains which can be purchased separately if needed.

I can carry out repairs on:

  • Silver
  • Fine silver
  • Gold

I can’t repair anything made from:

  • Plated gold
  • Plated silver
  • Pewter
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Other base metals
  • Some really fine chains