Gallery : Men’s Jewellery

I thought it was time I showcased some of the jewellery range for men as I don’t often push that side of my services.

I do get a lot of commissions by men but not as many FOR them.

Here are a collection of some of the pieces of done in the last few years.


Some of this gallery shows some work in Damasteel or Damascus stainless steel. It’s a tough material to work and hard on files. The amount of work that goes into each piece is staggering so they have only been done as one-offs.

Other pieces are heavily textured or hand-engraved sterling silver.

Although shown on a sterling silver chain, these pieces work very well on paracord with the inner removed. This creates a soft, slightly flattened thong effect that is both tough and comfortable.

Nice and chunky!

Some of these have been sold. If any catch your eye, get in touch with me on 015395 63313 to check availability.

The Men’s Range

Below are some of the range available. A few of these have been sold – these are marked.

On the bench or a look at individual pieces

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The damascus used in our men’s jewellery is a Swedish powder steel. Two different types combined in the same way as the Samurai swords were. This produces the wonderful patterns, which run right through the steel. The metal is very tough and not very friendly on the needle files we use to add the detail.

The result is that we go through quite a few files making them. They have to be finished to a polish before etching in acid and then finished again so we’re effectively doing twice the work.  It’s a lot of work – shaping, filing, sanding – which is why we make so few.

Silver is much easier to work but the damascus results are stunning.