** Update **

The studio has been very busy since the start of lockdown and although there hasn’t been much news coming out, there has been a lot of making.


I have always done some work at home. Frequently to 1 or 2 am.
Lockdown has just stepped up that “at home” work level. The challenge I face is the fact that home is currently a building site.

We are improving a 1930s house that has not had much done to it by the previous owner and we’ve added on a bit too. The result is a chaos that migrates around the house depending on which room we are focusing on. It is quite a challenge to live with and often a test to our sanity.

Having rung the bell, we now have to get through the building work in order to experience a level of normality again. There won’t be any shortcuts but we are hoping it will hurry up.

I am still working through commissions, and using Royal Mail for the most part. On occasion, I’ll drop off or meet a customer and safely hand over the parcel. With Lockdown lightening, I’m now looking at the shop layout and trying to figure out the best way to allow visitors to visit safely.

We’ll be following government guidelines, and some extra ideas of our own, which we’ll put down on paper here.

We hope to see you in the shop at some point in the coming weeks.