This was a great commission. We were contacted by Conor whose Mom, Coral writes wonderful novels. The first in the series is Stronger Within >

Conor supplied the dragon drawing that appears on the cover of Book 1 of the series, and was designed originally by Fiona Knox.

We redrew the dragon as it was destined for laser engraving and juggled a bit to find a solution for how to keep the dragon delicate and yet strong enough to wear as a pendant. 

When the design came back from the engravers, it was hand-pierced (cut out) and shaped into the final pendant. After a polish we decided to leave the pendant uncoloured but it will age beautifully and the design will become more pronounced.

This was a fabulous piece to work on, and for some fabulous people. Coral, we hope to read more of your lovely books.


coral mccallum book silver lake cover