Commemorate the life of family or pets with jewellery

I prefer to think of these commissions as celebratory jewellery pieces. Some of my customers refer to them as rememberance jewellery. In the case of pets, these have been made using teeth or hair or just a sculpted likeness – which sound a bit macabre but is actually a very special way of keeping the memories close and around you daily.

We form very close bonds with our pets. It’s natural for us to want to remember them in our own way. Some like the idea of keeping a locket of hair or perhaps a silver or gold piece commissioned to honour their animal family member. Sometimes it’s a symbol of a particular day or event shared with these beautiful animals. Regardless of the reason, it’s a wonderful and permanent way to remember them, in health and beyond.

Having a hairy family member, Izzi the black labrador, for over 9 years now I can understand how attached we become to these loving souls, even if they do shed their own bodyweight on the carpet once a week!

Some commemorative jewellery I’ve made so far includes:

  • Symbols of representing family members
  • Horse tooth pendant
  • Horse hair bangle
  • Rings with canine lockets of hair
  • Cat’s tooth pendant

All of these were wonderfully special pieces of jewellery and they mean even more to the owners as they are added to by the memories they inspire.

I’ve had some pretty unusual requests for this sort of jewellery in the past. All of them have been made out of a desire to remember an animal that shared a big part of the clients life. These commissions are treated with respect and care. I think my husband and I are possibly more careful of the pieces entrusted to us than my customers might be themselves!

The results of these commissions have been well received and often tears are shed. All have been interesting to make as there is invariably a few special considerations to take into account during the making. Some prevent the use of heat or the soft nature of a cat’s tooth means very gentle setting. It’s often a nerve wracking experience but the results are great.

If you have the desire to have a commemorative piece made to honour your pet, I’d be happy to help. It’s common for customers to get in touch with me, and have a piece made, while their special animals are still alive and well. This removes the sadness from the equation, which is always better for everyone. You can also show it to them for their sniff of approval!

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