Horse hair and resin bangle

As jewellery commissions go this was quite a hair raising experience!

This horse hair jewellery is part of a set which includes a necklace with a sterling silver bridle. Certainly one of the more unusual pieces I have made and it celebrates the life of a very special horse to my customer. It is an anticlastic bangle, made using sterling silver sheet which is formed on a manderel to get the shape.

My customer wanted a sterling silver bangle which incorporated the horse hair, set in resin to contain and protect it all. An anticlastic design offered a convenient groove to nest the hair in, while providing ongoing protection to it. The hair was plaited, then set in a high grade crystal clear resin.

The piece should look good for many years to come and be a constant reminder of the special horse that the hair came from.

Commemorative jewellery commissions are done with an almost reverence for the animal to whom the hair belonged and this equestrian piece was no different. Anything handed to me by a customer is treated with the utmost care but celebration jewellery like this takes it up a notch. They are always special pieces when they are done, and very unique.

Plaited horse hair bangle

Horse bit

Processes involved:

  • Initial design discussion for the jewellery commission
  • Generating sketches and finalising the design before proceeding
  • Forming the bracelet from flat sterling silver sheet – shaping and bending. Often a physical challenge depending on the thickness of the silver. My Tempa range is probably the most physically demanding series I do.
  • Soldering the join and polishing to produce a smooth bangle
  • Plaiting the horse hair for better visual presentation and to make it more manageable
  • Squeezing the horse hair into the groove of the bangle and arranging it
  • Applying the optically clear resin to the horse hair, within the groove, and allowing to dry for a week. This is pretty tough stuff and will be protected from wear by the raised edges of the bangle silver itself.
  • Checking the bangle before declaring it ready for collection

My customer was pleased with the result – and for the fact that she would now have a constant reminder of her beloved friend. If you want to celebrate the life of someone special, feel free to give me a call to discuss it.

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