Extra information on workshops:

  • Numbers: To give the best possible teaching ratio the maximum number of participants on a workshop is 2 for contemporary jewellery, and 3 for silver clay. This assures that you get good personal attention, constant guidance and feedback throughout the workshop.
  • Duration: Workshops often over-run and so the standard session will be 7 hours in duration, with a start time of about 10am (finishing at about 5.00pm)
  • Days: Workshops can be run on days when the shop is open or closed; and the published dates offer both options. Please see workshop prices for the fee structure.
  • Bookings: provisional until there are enough participants for the course to run, unless you have booked an individual workshop.

What hasn't changed:

  • Workshops are tailored to your experience and interests
  • I don’t prescribe what you make
  • Materials are extra to tuition fees
  • If there isn’t a suitable date on the published list, we can arrange another date that does work
  • Workshops can be one-to-ones or small group sessions
  • And there are still great brews and plenty of biscuits on hand throughout the day