So, you want to make your own jewellery.

1. Decide what you want to make?

  • Pendant – is it solid or kinetic
  • Cuff – hollow or solid
  • Bracelet – whole or hinged
  • Bangle – whole or hinged
  • Earrings – post, hook or clip-on

2. Do research and gather ideas

  • Pinterest is a great place to gather ideas and organise them into groups or themes. What is motivating the making? Are there any inspirational ideas that can come from that?
  • Look at nature, shapes of flowers or seeds, tree bark, sweeps in river bends, patterns on stones
  • Use your phone to record ideas

3. Sketch it out

  • These can be as rough as you like but they aim to give your brain a bit to think about, to get the creative juices flowing.
  • Cuttings from magazines can be useful

4. Refine it

  • Work out your sizes
  • What thickness will it be
  • Check your materials

5. Mock it up

  • Make a paper version: this can be handing for checking sizes and the overall impression